With no end to violence in Karachi, questions are being asked whether the PPP-led government is really serious in controlling the situation or is simply letting bloodshed occur for reasons of political expediency. The sad thing is that this veritable massacre is also making the people question about the effectiveness of democracy when it has to confront such chaos. Is the government not taking action against the miscreants because it is trying to curry favour with various political groups based in the city? Worried by the growing restlessness, Defence Minister Ahmed Mukhtar has hinted at the possibility of India flaring up the unrest. In fact New Delhi has been muddying the waters for us for a long time through its consulates in Afghanistan and fomenting violence on our territory from there but at the end of the day it all comes down to our own state of preparedness and readiness to foil the evil designs of such forces. Should we keep playing by the ear while thinking that merely laying the blame on someone would absolve us of our responsibility of protecting our country. At the other side of the spectrum, Mian Nawaz Sharif has called on the law enforcement agencies to prepare a report naming all the culprits and groups responsible for the violence and submit it to the parliament. This might be a worthwhile exercise, but the agencies have already been informing the political leadership and unfortunately no action was taken. The problem is whenever target killers and miscreants are arrested they are treated as political activists and later let off the hook. These thugs again commit crimes with impunity while the political groups that patronise them use them as a stepping stone to fight their turf war for control of the city. Another major problem is that the city receives an uninterrupted supply of weapons coming from various troubled spots around the county which in fact happens under the watchful eye of the police. Unchecked sale of automatic weapons at a throwaway price at virtually every nook and cranny of the city only indicates the gravity of the situation. It is little wonder that with circumstances of the sort, not a day goes by when scores of people do not fall prey to armed bandits. On Friday again, 23 people lost their lives. Meanwhile the PPP and MQM called for a blanket operation, which sounds only ridiculous given their laidback attitude for the past so many months. The entire country as well as democracy can ill-afford the prevailing bloodshed.