Shujaat Azeem has himself clarified a news item headlined “Shujaat Azeem ‘flees’ country”, which was published in a section of the press on August 18, saying that the news was based on false information. He said that though he had left Pakistan on a private trip five days ago but the purpose was his son’s admission in a university.

He said the insinuation that he had anything to do with the new Islamabad airport is total imaginative. “I don’t have, and never had any relationship whatsoever with the construction of the new Islamabad airport, contractually, financially or otherwise. In fact, I visited the new airport for the first time after assuming charge as advisor on aviation,” he said.

“I hired a private aircraft from Pakistan Aviators, to facilitate my official visit to various airports and I paid for it myself from my own pocket. I fail to understand what was done wrong? Finally, Yes, Ch. Munir’s construction company but not Mian Amir is a shareholder in Sukh Chayn Garden, a housing society in Lahore set up in March 2004. How does that affect my work or position in 2013”?

“The reporter working for a reputable newspaper like yours, should have checked the facts rather than relying on information fed by ‘vested interests’ who have been involved in a malicious campaign against me since I took over as advisor on aviation. I do realize that I ruffled many feathers when I took some decisions in the best interests of Pakistan Aviation but it should not grant rights to those affected to plant such irresponsible stories in the papers”, he concluded.