The two-day annual Urs celebrations of Sufi Saint Hazrat Baba Sakhi Syedan Shah concluded here the other day.

The Urs of the saint is held on August 12 and 13 every year.

Always, it’s an important religious occasion in Thal as thousands of people visit the shrine during the Urs ceremonies.

They offer prayers to Allah Almighty and remember the spiritual glory of Baba Gee. They often wept when they felt spiritual greatness of the saint.

On the occasion, people set up different kinds of shops of sweets, fruits and flowers outside the shrine from where devotees buying things for offering as Nazrana at the shrine. Meanwhile, some well-off people distributed food, clothes and money among the poor people.

The Auqaf Department had made also some special arrangements to provide food and other facilities to the devotees. The devotees celebrated the Urs with great pomp and show. The shrine was illuminated with lights on the occasion.

The Urs started with lying of chaddar “Chadar Poshi” on shrine of Baba Syedan Shah on August 12, after Fajr prayers.

On the occasion, Mutwali of Darbar Baba Syedan Shah, Maulana Qari Muhammad Ismail Sialvi and other several prominent persons from every walk of life were also present at Mehfil-i-Samaa night, Qawali was also held.

A seminar was held regarding to personality and teachings of Baba Syedan Shah in which Ulema-i-Karam Maulana Mohammad Di Sialvi, Maulana Mohammad Shamsur Rehman, Allama Sher Mohammad Sialvi, Allama Arshad Naveed Haidri, Maulana Mohammad Ramzan, Maulana Qari Asad Ullah Khan and other speakers highlighted the life and teachings of Baba Gee.

According to historical facts, Baba Syedan Shah came to Noorpur Thal a long time ago. He was a great saint of that time. The Hindus worshipped many idols in those days. Baba Gee preached against all these evils and preached Oneness Allah and asked people to worship Allah.

He preached kindness to everyone. He taught people to be honest, generous and faithful. As a result many people willingly converted to the religion of Islam.

Baba Shah told people that “Muslims believe that there is no God but Allah and Mohammad (PBUH) was the last messenger of Allah Almighty.” In those days, there were many Hindu temples in Thal. A lot of people embraced Islam day by day because Baba Gee filled the people with new spiritual thoughts. He led a very simple life. He loved to meet people and enquire about their problems. Baba Gee was kind and sympathetic to the poor masses.