People loyal to democracy, human values and the Muslim Brotherhood who are supporting the ousted elected president Mohammad Morsi are being crushed under tanks, burnt and fired upon with live ammunition and gunship helicopters. Hundreds of civilians, according to moderate estimate, have been killed while thousands are injured at the hands of the military, backed by liberals, in Egypt and aided militarily by the West. These people are being threatened dire circumstances while their leader Mr Morsi remains at an undisclosed location where he is being forced to resign.

The international community, even a prominent part of the Arab world disowns the sacrifices being rendered for democracy and Islam; they have turned their back on the tears, blood and cries of the unarmed people. But despite all this, they, the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters stand firm and definitely and certainly deserve a salute for their resilience, faith and commitment to the Almighty and the people. It is time; we Pakistanis raised a voice in their support.


Karachi, August 19.