Another aspect, which has been highlighted from the Islamabad fiasco, is that the car used by the armed man had fake registration plates. Interestingly, the car transverse across Punjab before entering Islamabad and the plates were not detected anywhere, making it clear that we have another large security hole! Is there no communication between the traffic police where they can check the number plates?

Government of Pakistan has spent millions of rupees and introduced special vehicle registration plates; unfortunately deployment of these registration plates is not enforced. Unregistered vehicles ply our roads with bogus registration and are never discovered. Those registered are using fancy registration plates, which are unreadable defeating the whole purpose and mocking the law. There should be a standard size and font for all number plates; these are not decoration pieces but a vital information imparting tool.

Our authorities should have zero tolerance for such procedures. Like other countries registration of vehicles should be the responsibility of the dealership and vehicle should only be delivered after registration. Vehicles with fancy plates should be impounded forthwith with heavy penalties, irrespective of the ownership.


Lahore, August 19.