The district administration has reconstructed a small-size wooden bridge over flooded River Jammu-Tavi near Saidpur Pattan here the other day.

The bridge reconnected 85 flood-hit Bajwat villages with the rest of district after the week-long isolation.

The small sized bridge was swept away due to spate of flood in River Jammu-Tavi a week ago. DOC Malik Abid Hussain Awan told that now all affected Bajwat villages had been reconnected with the district and now local flood affected people were moving towards safer places or they were going back to their houses as the floodwater was rapidly receding there.

After playing havoc for a week in the district, now rivers and seasonal nullahs were flowing normally.

The DCO said that now the flood situation was under control, as the pace of relief activities had already been expedited.

He said that main Saidpur-Gondal-Sialkot Road, Sialkot-Badiana-Pasrur Road and Pasrur-Zafarwal-Narowal Road were open for traffic.