All successful governments around the world work according to systems, procedures and policy which is why despite change of governments, such countries keep proceeding on the set path to progress. Unfortunately, that is not so in our beloved country, which is mostly run on the whims and fancies of individuals at the helm, who often turn out to be suitable for any position except the one they are in, and that happens to be our greatest misfortune.

Also, while federal and provincial parliaments as well as the Senate exist, important decisions are on occasions made just by one or two persons, without the matter being discussed in depth by the parliamentarians, there seems to me minimum contribution from our national and provincial members, maybe because they come from a class that does not believe in giving any privileges or concessions to the poor masses. There certainly are no debates held where informed people discuss a subject!

Recently, the government announced the execution of few convicts for whom all legal remedies had been exhausted. Even the names of the convicts and dates of hanging had been announced, after signing of the Black (death) Warrant by the Acting President in the absence of President Zardari, who had maintained a moratorium on executions for nearly five years, during which time only one convict was hanged, and that, too, because both the murderer and the victim belonged to the armed forces, and the civilian government chose not to interfere in that.

Perhaps President Zardari was influenced by European states and other international organisations which have been running a campaign against death penalty, which they consider inhuman, but they what they do not understand is that is a rouge society, such as ours, we badly need to see some capital punishments take place to put the fear of Allah in the hearts of hardened criminals who take the law into their own hands. Islam dictates an eye for an eye, and I believe it is a just and great religion if we ignore the dictates of our religion we will perish.

There could be some slight justification for holding back some executions, provided that it was done as part of a deal, whereby militants agreed to surrender and to discontinue their activities. However, with militants stepping up their operations and threatening yet more, our one-sided concessions do not particularly appeal to me because in my view, and I believe in those of all right-thinking people, they will amount to nothing but a retreat, and a very shameful one for that matter, which will work out to our own disadvantage.


Karachi, August 19.