ISLAMABAD - Looks like some obvious hands in the security establishment have finally succeeded in sabotaging the cordially contemplated peace process between the two historical neighbours India and Pakistan with the former having been literally compelled to discard a remarkable energy project Pakistan was to benefit from.

The project was evaluated on a highly appreciated note clearly suggestive of the pleasantly noted fact that both the democracies across the eastern border were ready to burry the hostile past and were standing hand-in-hand to look towards the future by means of economic and diplomatic cooperation, cultural affinities and mutually defining strategic goals.

Soon after the newly-elected democratic government in Pakistan cordially declared that it would leave no stone unturned to make peace with India, which was well reciprocated by the latter, some powerful yet hidden hands swung into action to create uncalled for tension at the Line of Control that saw the senseless killings of soldiers from both sides triggering filthy accusations and counter accusations that finally gave a blow to the much appreciated Pak-India back channel diplomacy.

Offering 500 megawatt of electricity to Pakistan was a huge confidence building measure (CBM) on part of India but it’s a pity that powerful establishment overshadowed the wishes of billions of peace lovers at both sides of the border to have this project shelved. A powerful energy mogul rightly puts it, “History will never forgive and spare those evil elements who have done such a huge disservice to the motherland by succeeding in having this project discarded. They’ll be exposed and become an example of horror for the entire mankind. You just wait here and see how the truth would take its course to expose the extremist mindset in our security ranks. This is an unpardonable crime that would never be forgiven,” he said.

The proposal to buy power was made when an expert group of Indian Power Ministry led by Joint Secretary Rita Acharya visited Pakistan in June to discuss energy cooperation and had discussed the broad contours of the proposed arrangement and explored points which can be used to hook-up to the grid in Pakistan through a high-voltage direct current (HVDC) line. However, details and modalities of the purchase and the techno-commercial as well as sovereign arrangements still need to be worked out.

Official sources on the condition of anonymity disclosed that Pakistan’s foreign office had forbidden a delegation of country’s water & power ministry to fly to India to finalise a deal of exporting 500mw electricity to Pakistan only because of recent rising confrontation between both neighbours. And, India has also backtracked from its offer of exporting 500mw electricity to Pakistan. So, further talks on bilateral power supply agreement seems not possible and resumption of talks on power supply would be possible only when normal situation would prevail and exchange of friendly words between both traditional rivals would take place, they added.

“A delegation from Pakistan was expected to be in India this month for talks for purchase of 500MW of power but in view of the fresh development on the Eastern border coupled with recent advise of foreign office, this move is not possible and expected to take a backseat for the time being,” a senior official at water and power ministry said on the condition of not to be named, adding,” Energy experts were scheduled to hold talks with Indian authorities to finalise import of Indian electricity to Pakistan, construction of transmission lines and other relevant issues involve in materialising the said power import project.”

Sources also informed that India had backtracked from its initial offer and was not willing to supply 500mw of power to Pakistan. India is mulling to supply limited power to Pakistan ranging between only 100mw to 200mw. When contacted, Foreign Office spokesman Aizaz Chaudry said that we have not stopped any delegation.

It is worth mentioning that Pakistan was facing severe energy shortages and had sought as much as 500 MW of electricity from India through laying a transmission line from Punjab into Lahore. The incumbent Nawaz Sharif government is very keen on entering into an agreement with India to supply of 500MW of power in the first phase and expand the relationship later on. Pakistan, which already purchases electricity from Iran, had sought to purchase power to alleviate some of the acute energy crisis it is currently facing and has sought the supply of 500 megawatt of power from its Eastern neighbour.