The other day in Peshawar, Chairman Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf, while speaking at the launching ceremony of the ‘Right to Information Law’ in KPK requested the former Chief Secretary of KPK, and Chairman of the Provincial Public Service Commission, Mr. Abdullah, to accept membership of the prospective independent Accountability Commission, the KPK government desires to introduce in near future. The emphatic request by Imran Khan to have this man of integrity, competence, honesty, having a respectable name for his good qualities in the public, was fully justified. Not even the critics of Abdullah, and there would hardly be any, would deny the above-mentioned qualities, possessed by this retired bureaucrat.

Imran Khan’s intentions are clear, his invitation to this man to head the formation of an independent Accountability Commission, which would take to task both the incumbent and former ministers, and public officers or any other person who held a public office, misused their authority by misappropriating public money. Mr. Abdullah is hence one of the best choices. The retired bureaucrat must be persuade to join even if he refuses to accept the offer, he must be requested to offer his services for a better, happier, cleaner, and a more corruption-free Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


Charsadda, August 19.