People felt disappointed over the maiden TV and radio speech of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, broadcasted the other night.

As per details, former Press club president Raja Sarwar said that people had pinned expectations that the Prime Minister would announce some strong actions to eliminate corruption, terrorism, power loadshedding and economic crisis but he (PM) just pointed out the same old problems that everyone already knew. Some persons while waiting in the morning in front of Utility Store to open were discussing the speech. They said the PM had extended period from three months to five to ten years for solving problems. They said that it was very disappointing since the PM had violated his pledge to change destiny of the people in three months. One of them praised Musharraf for ruling the country in a befitting manner. He said that his era was good for the commoners since things were available on reasonable rates and there was no loadshedding and lack of transport for travelling. Law and order situation was under control and there was some fear of God in the hearts of public servants. Another person said that the incumbent rulers belonged to business community who had been making millions by stealing electricity and gas with the connivance of government officials to run their factories. The rulers’ had come into power with their support and they are friends to each other. Therefore, he said, the PM could not afford to take action against them for stealing electricity and committing corruption nor can he recover cost of stolen electricity and gas, he claimed. Another person said that there were only two forces that could steer out the nation from the crises and those were Gen (r) Musharraf and Chaudhry brothers. He said that slogan of democracy and propaganda against military rulers was just a gimmick to befool the people. In fact politicians want to continue status que to advance their personal interests. They are not sincere with people. The public at large is of the view that APCs are held to make deals to share power and its benefits among leaders of all participant parties. Special tribunals are constituted to deal with those who oppose the rulers. Special laws are made for the same purpose. Such measures have never benefitted the commoners and the poor, some elderly persons pointed out.

President Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Society Mandi Bahauddin Chapter Major Sher Muhammad Gondal said that the present apparatus of communications like railway, PIA, Steel Mills, Wapda, Irrigation and government institutions had failed to deliver output due to corruption and were burden on nation. The PM, in his speech, did not say a single word to improve them and raise their efficiency. New long term projects like Gwader-Kashghar high way and underground circular railway in Karachi were not that essential as public are sobbing under the skyrocketing price of daily-use items and high tariff of utilities . The PM and his team should revitalize old infrastructure to bring prosperity in the country, he demanded.