Maria Sharapova is reportedly seeking to have her last name changed for the US Open, where she will promote her new line of “premium gummy candies”.

The 26-year-old Russian tennis pro is reportedly so keen to promote her new Sugarpova candy that she wants to rename herself after it.

Britain’s The Times newspaper reports Sharapova has applied for permission from the Supreme Court of Florida to undergo a temporary name change as part of a marketing ploy during the two-week tournament.

The athlete will then “revert to Sharapova” after the US Open concludes next month.

Apparently that’s not all the former champion has planned.

Maria is allegedly working with her management team at IMG to ensure the confectionary line’s branding will be visible while she’s on the court.

“It is understood also that the striking emblem of Sugarpova candy, a pair of red lips, will feature somewhere on her attire during the final grand slam of the year,” the newspaper claims.

Maria launched Sugarpova worldwide earlier this year and has reportedly pumped an estimated $500,000 into the company to keep it going.

The “premium line” of gummy candies is described on its website as reflecting the “fun, fashionable, sweet side of international tennis sensation Maria”, who is “interpreting classic candies in her own signature style” through the brand.

The confections come in colourful packaging and have names like “Flirty”, “Sporty”, “Cheeky” and “Smitten Sour”.