ISLAMABAD- Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) today said that the government had set a worst example of unconstitutional and undemocratic behavior by placing containers everywhere in the federal capital.

“The government has issued a notification for not providing tents to the marchers,” Qadri claimed while addressing the participants of his Inquilab March. “Whoever is providing us tents is being arrested by the government ,” he blamed.
Qadri said “Nawaz, his government and their barbaric officers have put containers everywhere and not one person can enter or exit the red zone. These cruel animals they have occupied the Parliament building.”

He said that the protestors were on the roads in hot sunny day and the government was not allowing the PAT management to bring tents for providing shelter to the demonstrators. He said that not even a single vehicle could come in as containers have blocked all the routes.

Between the barrage of corruption charges targeting the Sharif brothers, the PAT Chief said he would “take revenge” for the killing of his workers. Avoiding direct incitement to violence, Qadri tempered his calls for “blood” by saying vengeance would be taken by the courts. Qadri also alleged that the government would try to poison the crowd by sending over spoilt food.

Further, Qadri claimed that IG Cheema was removed from his post because he did not want to use force against the PAT workers. Pledging that the protest would continue, Qadri reassured his supporters “an Inqilab doesn’t just come in a few days, please don’t tire or lose hope.