KARACHI - Aamir Sarkosh of Iran lifted the Jubilee 6-Reds Asian Snooker Championship title as he defeated Boonyarit Kaettikun of Thailand 7-6 in an exciting final here on Wednesday evening.
Sarkosh staged an incredible recovery from the brink of defeat after being 3-6 down to overpower Kaettikun after a marathon over three and half-hour contest. Kaettikun dominated the first half of the final with sparking potting, tactical play and brilliant snookers.
Sarkosh won the opening frame by two points 46-44 but it was Kaettikun all the way when he was enjoying a 6-3 lead, with Kaettikun one from away to take the title , however, it started to slip from him after a couple of crucial missing in the 10th frame. Playing with rising confidence and renewed spirit, Sarkosh grabbed four frames at trot to change the course of the final and won the title 7-6 (46-44, 12-46, 01-52, 33-0. 43-31, 01-54, 12-45, 0-66, 0-49, 46-0, 63-08, 37-32, 41-28). Earlier, Pakistan's dreams of retaining the Asian Snooker title ended here when Amir Sarkosh defeated home team's last surviving cueist Hamza Akbar when he went down in the semifinals 6-5.