PESHAWAR - Jamaat Islami (JI) is not in favour of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly’s dissolution . The JI is and will be the partner of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) in the provincial coalition government. Tabling no-trust motion against KP chief minister is the constitutional right of the opposition parties in KP Assembly .
The JI will never back any undemocratic and unconstitutional step. Both national and provincial assemblies must complete their five-year terms. This was the crux of an emergency meeting of the JI held with its provincial chief Prof. Mohammad Ibrahim Khan in the chair.
Besides others, lawmakers from both national and provincial assemblies also attended it. The JI Central Ameer Sirajul Haq also participated in the meeting on special invitation.
The meeting lasted for over three hours and its participants agreed not to support any undemocratic step. They were of the view that KP has been passing through a critical phase for the last one decade and dissolution of the provincial assembly at this stage would create unrest in the province and it would not be in the favour of its residents.
JI Parliamentary Leader in National Assembly Sahibzada Tariqullah, MNA Sher Akbar Khan, provincial ministers Inayatullah Khan and Habibur Rehman, MPAs Muzaffar Syed, Mohammad Ali, Saeed Gul and Behram Khan were present on the occasion.
Any change whether it is about the prime minister, tenure of the parliament and electoral reforms, all should come through constitutional means. If once a government is removed through sit-in, it would certainly become a practice and no government would run in future, they observed.
Sirajul Haq apprised the participants of the meeting about his role to pull the country out of the prevailing political crisis. Earlier, Sirajul Haq while speaking at a new conference here said that 1973 Constitution is not less than a miracle, so, “Don’t touch it, because, we may not be able to bring different communities, sects and nations on one page.” The existing Constitution of Pakistan is a great achievement by our forefathers.
He said that they have put forward all the demands of the PTI Chairman Imran Khan to the federal government. He said that he was not in favour of assemblies’ dissolution . “If this happened it would become the norm to bring about change with the show of power,” he added.  “If someone wants to resign from assembly it is his/her right, we cannot stop him/her, but we can only make a request not to do so,” he said, adding the alleged rigging of polls had taken place in Punjab, then, why should we dissolve the KP Assembly . If the PTI wants to separate itself from KP Assembly , it will be its own decision.
Sirajul Haq was of the view that decisions should be taken in the national interests, saying the decision-making power had shifted to Rawalpindi from Islamabad, and it has been just because of the irresponsible attitude of politicians. He said that he was hopeful that the existing crisis would come to an end soon.