The oldest dispute at the UN agenda, the Kashmir dispute is the oldest unresolved international conflict in the world today. In fact, this is the core issue between Pakistan and India that has bedevilled relations between the two countries. Kashmir is on the boil and life is badly affected in Indian-held Kashmir because of local demonstrations over the deaths of protesters in clashes with Indian security personnel since the assassination of a 22-years old commander, Burhan Wani and his two associates.

It has been the triumph of the unbeatable human spirit of people to seek freedom and the right to determine their political fate. The aggressive torture and approach of the Indian government to the Kashmiri people and its disputed nature has greatly led to the deteriorating circumstances and can lead to catastrophic consequences for the whole region. There isn’t anybody more interested and willing than Kashmiris to permanently end this conflict and live in peace. It is for this right that over 100,000 Kashmiris have laid down their lives.

It is a question to those who call the young idealists “terrorists” that in which terrorist’s funeral will you witness hundreds and thousands of men, women and children participating that too defying restrictions, drowning their lives in risk and ready to face bullets? It is really pathetic that the two regional powers which have linkages with everything, be it cultural, religious, and so forth, are disputing without any long-term ceasefire. Dialogue is the best option to amicably resolve all issues whether minor or vast between India and Pakistan, including the dispute of Kashmir.


Turbat, August 5.