“When an individual is raped in this country,

more than 90 percent of the time the

rapist gets away with the crime.”

–Jon Krakauer – 1954.

In our country, masculinity is exhibited in the most preposterous, inhumane and grotesque manner. Rape is not a heinous crime. It is part of a culture which demands a man to display his strength by overshadowing that of a woman’s. Pakistan is rightly called by many as the land of the sexually abused. However, unfortunately, the black sheep of our society are those who are vocal in condemning such practices. Recently, our government has been awakened by the soundless sobs of the many women subjected to assault and killing. The government is set out to reform not only the laws pertaining to the rights of women but also fighting a mindset which has made the violation of such laws incorrigible. Regrettably, rape culture is being romanticised in our part of the world. Recently a fashion photo shoot has been found glamorising abuse against women. It’s extremely disconcerting that our much celebrated fashion industry has been promoting foul practices to advertise their work. Such advertisement is the last thing we need in our state right now. Rape culture is not acceptable. It will be condemned and it will be put an end to.