SIALKOT-More than 400,000 million male and female students of 2003 government schools in Sialkot district have been forced to drink unhygienic water thus they are suffering from various diseases due to the slackness of the government.

There are 2003 government schools in Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur tehsils in which 201,304 male students and 206,128 girls are enrolled.

A survey was conducted regarding the children's health in government schools in Sialkot district. The survey report revealed that 90 percent out of these 2003 government schools were located near the graveyards and dirty water pounds in the rural areas of Sialkot district, where the drinking water pumps were installed and these water pumps were having 50 to 90 feet deep water boring. The survey report added that the underground water till the depth of 500 feet has become polluted in Sialkot district due to the uncontrolled tanneries' underground pollution. Only 10 percent of these government schools are located in the urban areas where the local Municipal Corporation and municipal committees are responsible to provide potable water for these government schools. The local municipalities' water tanks and water supply lines have become rusting, damaged and chocked while the sewerage lines are also damaged at several points due to which water and sewerage get mixed and the unhygienic water is supplied to the government schools.

The students are becoming victim of several stomach and waterborne diseases as they have to drink unhygienic water in their schools.

The parents of the students have expressed grave concern over this nasty situation. They urged Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Commissioner Gujranwala Division Capt (r) Muhammad Asif and Acting Deputy Commissioner Dr Umer Sher Chattha to take note of the negligence. When contacted, Sialkot District Education Authority CEO Maqbul Ahmed Shakir pledged to send the water samples for chemical examination to Lahore laboratory.