The purpose of writing a letter to the management and authorities concerned of the Beacon House School System (BSS) is to inform the lack of commitment and mistrust that rife in the Beacon House School Clifton Campus. 

Teaching is a very indispensable profession and allegiance duty in promoting a quality education to the children. Therefore, the school management have a right to fulfill the teachers requirements. 

My wife Mrs Maheen Waqar has been discharging her responsibilities in above mentioned campus since March 2016 with diligence and intellectualism. She was told, on her joining date, that she would be confirmed after 3 months and the scant test would be taken. 

After spending one year, the test was conducted and subsequently few days, she was told that “the confirmation test was mistakenly conducted on the irrelavent website of the beacon house, you have to again take the test on the relevent website”. The test has not been conducted again. 

Besides, she was also informed before summer vacations that the June and July salary would be deposited along with the salary of September. After all lack of commitment and lack of allegiance - the authorities of Clifton campus told Mrs Maheen that she would never avail the September salary as she has not been confirmed yet. And confirmation test is never being materialized. 

In addition, 7 to 8 teachers have already resigned from aforementioned campus on account of lack of commitment and infidelity. Keeping above in view, the lack of commitment continued on behalf of the Clifton campus authorities. 

Therefore, the management of BSS must look into that matter and redress and ameliorate the pervasive issues soon - otherwise the Clifton campus would become ghost owing to the dwindling ratio of resignations from the teachers. 


Karachi, August 2.