Citizens Against Weapons (CAW) is a civil society group working for deweaponisation for the past many years which welcomes and greatly appreciates your remarks about getting rid of illegal weapons and private militias. The fact that you broached this important matter in your maiden speech in the National Assembly shows your commitment to this cause. The proliferation and easy access to weapons has indeed played a major role in the creation of burgeoning crime and militancy in Pakistan. 

CAW has always maintained that the possession of arms and explosives must be declared as the exclusive domain of the State and no citizen, regardless of his/her position or status, must be allowed to possess, carry or display any weapon of any kind - licensed or otherwise. CAW has also insisted that in compliance with Article 256 of the Constitution, all private militias regardless of their patrons must be completely disarmed and disbanded. 

CAW views the unchecked and vulgar display of prohibited bore weapons by the rich and the privileged elite as a societal acceptance of militancy and intolerance. Sadly this is the only country that tolerates individuals with illegal arms, ‘prohibited bore’ weapons and ‘armed private militias’ to operate with complete impunity. 

While once again greatly appreciating the PM’s desire for deweaponisation, we request the initiation of a nation-wide deweaponisation program. Complete ban on issuance of all licenses, return and buy back of all weapons (of all categories) and dismemberment of all private militias ought to be the key features of such a program. 

We hope that you will immediately appoint a focal person to coordinate this task. As members of Citizens Against Weapons we shall be happy to provide every possible assistance in achievement of this goal. 


Lahore, August 6.