ATM cash thief flees from Shahdara police lockup

LAHORE: A man arrested for stealing cash from banks’ ATMs fled from the lockup of Shahdara Police Station on Sunday morning. Police sources said Naseem Ijaz managed to escape after breaking the locks of the barrack. He was arrested by police investigators after being identified with the help of CCTV footage a couple of days ago.  Naseem was accused of stealing cash from the ATMs of private banks located in Shahdara police precincts. A police official last night said that two policemen were suspended on charges of criminal negligence following the incident. Police were also conducting raids to catch the culprit but no arrest was made till late Sunday night.–Staff Reporter

Housewife killed in street fight

Lahore: A mother of five was shot dead during a street fight in Sundar police precincts on Sunday.  The victim was identified by police as Shamim Bibi, a resident of Chota Mohlanwal. Police investigators said the clash erupted over the issue of parking.  A local resident, Ahsan, along with his accomplices opened fire on the lady. The mother of five sustained a bullet in the head and died on the spot. The gunmen fled instantly. The police were investigating the shooting with no arrest. –Staff Reporter

 Man crushed to death by van

 LAHORE: A 50-year-old man was crushed to death by a van on Raiwind Road early on Sunday, police said.  The resident of Pajian Village, Rahmat Din was trying to cross the road when a speedy van hit him from rear. The victim died on the spot while the driver along with the van managed to escape from the crime scene. His body was handed over to his family. The police were investigating the incident. –Staff Reporter

 Boy dies in wall collapse

 LAhore: An eleven-year-old boy died when a boundary wall collapsed on him in the Shahdara police area on Sunday, rescue workers said. They said that some children were playing in the street when the boundary wall of a house collapsed. The wall was in a dilapidated condition. As a result, one of the boys was buried under the debris. The others survived luckily. Rescue workers pulled out the body from the debris. The police handed over the body to the family after fulfilling legal formalities.–Staff Reporter

 Kite string leaves biker injured

 Lahore: A motorcyclist sustained serious injuries after a stray kite string slit his throat on Bund Road in Shera Kot police area. Abdul Jabbar was rushed to Mayo Hospital by an ambulance.–Staff Reporter