LAHORE -  The business community has stressed the need for settling all trade and industry related disputes at Alternate Dispute Resolution Committee (ADRC) of the LCCI.

The traders of different markets have shown their serious concern over some writ petitions submitted to the court by a former president of the LCCI. It is to be noted that ADRC was formed for resolving all chambers and business related issues by the traders own their own.

They criticised former LCCI president Mian Muzaffar and said that he has made the role of LCCI disputed and dubious by taking the chamber cases to the court instead of settling them at ADRC. The former LCCI president has submitted an application to the Lahore High Court (LHC) against ex-vice president of LCCI Kashif Anwar over his alleged corruption and misuse of powers during his tenure but the application was rejected by the court.

It is to be noted that the LCCI and LHC has recently inked an agreement to resolve all kinds of business disputes themselves and the chamber would play a role of mediator. They said that LHC has also started referring business dispute cases to the Lahore chamber for mediation. This was aimed at helping resolve business disputes in shortest possible time and reduce burden on the courts that are already burdened of criminal cases.

The traders said, “We have to utilise all options to make business environment attractive for the business community and promotion of out-of-court settlement culture is one of them. They said that Pakistani businessmen are facing hurdles in their business and one of the leading factors is the trade disputes.