KHAIRPUR - Hundreds of consumers, led by Yasir Ansari, Aslam Kolachi, Farhan Mahar and others lodged a strong protest against Sepco in front of the Khairpur Press Club on Sunday.

Talking to newsmen they said that SEPCO was continuously issuing deduction bills to the residents of Khairpur for almost one decade and, instead of correcting the excessive readings, the Sepco staff demands bribe instead.

They said SEPCO issued above 300000 to 500000 units excessive reading and deduction bills to the consumers just to cover the line losses.

They alleged that meter readers Jahangir, Muhammad Hayat, Shafi Muhammad Shaikh, Hyder Soomro and linemen Paryal Katohar, Ali Khorkhani and others were involved in electricity theft, and the consumers had to pay for their crime.

When this scribe talked to the revenue staff of Sepco, they said that over 5,000 applications for correction of bills were pending, but Engineer Manzoor Soomro was not signing these; therefore they were unable to correct the bills.

They further said that hundreds applications for correction of bills were either sub judice or pending with the federal ombudsman while NAB, FIA and other concerned departments were not taking any action against the corrupt staff, which puts a big question mark over their performance.



Our Staff Reporter