ISLAMABAD -  After sharp decrease in water flows in River Indus and its tributaries during past few days, Irsa has reduced water share of Punjab and Sindh by 55,000 cusecs.

Punjab and Sindh were getting water supply under the flood formula. However, now they have been informed that after reduction of flows in Indus, Kabul, Jhelum and other rivers, they will get their normal share, official sources told The Nation here Sunday.

Earlier, Sindh was getting 2,10,000 cusecs while Punjab was getting 1,35,000 cusecs of water, however, it has now been decreased to 1,70,000 cusecs and 1,20,000 cusecs respectively, the source maintained.

Tarbella Dam level has dropped by almost 5 feet to 1545.35 feet during past few days after it achieved its maximum level of 1550 feet on August 16.

It is worth mentioning that almost after two years, on 16th August, Tarbela Dam filled to its maximum level of 1550 feet. It was announced, by Irsa and Wapda, that 6.17 MAF water, maximum live storage capacity of Tarbela, has been stored in the reservoir for irrigation and power generation.

Within less than 5 days the inflow in River Indus at Tarbela was dropped from 203,600 cusecs to 157,000 cusecs. The outflows were reduced to 190,000 cusecs from 200,000 cusecs on Saturday.

Similarly, inflow in Kabul at Nowshera also reduced from 37,200 cusecs on August 16 to 24,000 cusecs on August 20.

Inflows in Jhelum at Mangla reduced from 25,600 cusecs to 23,300 cusecs. Inflows in Chenab at Marala decreased to 62,400 cusecs from 72,200 cusecs.

As on Sunday, water level at Tarbela Dam was 1545.34 while maximum conservation level is 1550 feet, with live storage was 6.174 million acre feet (MAF). Mangla Dam’s present water level was 1234.25 feet against the maximum conservation level of 1242 feet. Chashma’s present level is 647.20 feet against the maximum conservation level of 649 feet.

The source said that no decision had yet been taken about the closure of CJ link canal.

If the current downward trend in the inflows continues further cuts will be imposed on the provinces’ share, source maintained.



APP adds: The Federal Flood Commission (FFC) has said that normalcy has returned to all major rivers except river Swat which continues to run in low floods at Chakdara Bridge.

According to daily FFC report, all the main Rivers including Indus, Kabul, Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi and Sutlej are flowing normal.

Major reservoirs present position indicates that Tarbela reservoir is at 1545.35 feet and Mangla at 1234.25 feet.

Present Combined Live Reservoir Storage is 12.870 MAF which is 92.88 per cent of the total live storage capacity.

There is a likelihood of scattered thunderstorm/rain over Rawalpindi and Gujranwala Divisions of Punjab, Kashmir and upper catchments of Rivers Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi and Sutlej during the next 24 hours.

FFD, Lahore has predicted isolated thunderstorm/rain over Punjab (Lahore Division), Southeastern Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Malakand & Hazara Divisions) and Gilgit Baltistan including over the catchments of River Indus during the same period.

Some good rains occurred during the past 24 hours including: Kakul= 64 mm, Malamjabba= 63 mm, Kotli= 50 mm, Jhelum= 35 mm, Kallar= 30 mm, Risalpur= 29 mm, Munawar Tawi, Mangla & Murree= 24 mm each, Mandi Bahauddin= 21 mm, Rasheedabad= 20 mm, Dhok Pathan, Kamra & Saidu Sharif= 16 mm each, Palandri, Domel & Phulra= 13 mm each, Sehakakota= 12 mm, Shinkiari & Cherat= 11mm each, Muzaffarabad, Kohat & Pattan= 10 mm each, Islamabad & Besham= 06 mm each and Balakot= 05 mm.