In Rajanpur’s Rojhan tehsil seven  police officers were abducted who have been safely rescued today morning after a police operation, according to Deputy Superintendent Police (DSP) Bangla Ichha Ramiz Bokhari.

The operation was executed late Sunday in the river area of the tehsil for the recovery of the officers. The officers had been taken to the hideout of the dacoits in Kachi Moro Island of the Indus River.

During the operation, police officers cordoned off a section of the river. However taking advantage of the dark, the dacoits swam through the river and managed to flee. The abducted officers were found unharmed, tied to trees on the island, said the DSP.

The officers were reportedly on a boat patrol on Sunday afternoon before they were allegedly kidnapped by dacoits with ties the Attaullah Pat gang who are believed to have hidden in the sugarcane fields surrounding the area.

In 2016, during a comprehensive combing operation conducted in Rajanpur against the Chotoo gang by security forces, most of the outlaws had either surrendered or were killed. However, lately splinter groups of Chotoo gang such as the Attaullah Pat gang had regrouped in the area and were suspected of involvement in robberies and kidnappings in the area.