Godfather Mian Nawaz Sharif has selected a complete politically subservient and loyal Prime Minister. Same goes for his cabinet ministers and advisers. Some of these ministers have been and are enjoying the power and privileges that are only found in the land of pure. Most ministers also do not have any clue or knowledge of the ministries assigned to them and in fact are just rewarded for their tireless efforts and loyalty. Mian Nawaz has chosen Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, also Minister Petroleum Division, as the Prime Minister because this sector is owned by the government and is the most lucrative source of collecting personal financial benefits, by keeping the contract of LNG import and its terminal degasification hidden from people.  

But these put aside, there are likely to be many other mega corruption scandals. It is about time that NAB should be headed by an honest man who can push this state institution to perform well and make Pakistan a corruption free country. Indeed, then there will be no need to ask the Supreme Court to do the job of accountability and a judge to supervise the cases. 


Lahore, August 6.