Islamabad - Parwish is more than just a beautician. She is a success story that inspires every aspiring woman entrepreneur to break the shackles of societal stereotypes and become independent.

After overcoming her initial struggles with determination and will, she now runs a beauty salon in Mirpurkhas that has progressed considerably over the past few years.

Once just another mouth for her father to feed, she now lives and provides a decent, comfortable and secure life for her family of two.

Coming from a very humble background, Parwish wanted to be another wheel to support the vehicle of life. She became a trained beautician but many obstacles stood as concrete giants between her and her dream of opening up her own salon. 

She didn’t have enough funds to rent a place for her salon or invest in quality branded ingredients. She began to work in a small local parlor. Soon after, she was able to set aside some savings and gather some financial support from friends and family to start a basic salon set up. With her undeterred resolution and strong management skills, she managed to establish a basic beauty salon.

Once her business started generating revenue, Parwish started exploring avenues to invest more capital in her business.

Following the advice of her acquaintances, Parwish availed a loan scheme from Khushhali Microfinance Bank and from there onwards, there was no turning back.

The financial assistance allowed her to upgrade her business which brought in more clientele and higher income. She is now running her own renowned beauty parlor.

This business has enabled her to provide a better livelihood, not only for herself but also for her family.

At present, her business is providing easy and cost effective services of beauty parlor to local residents. With the growth of her business, various employment opportunities have been created for local females who are keen to step out and learn. 

She has employed one female employee for assistance in her business activities and has trained several others as well.

Today, Parwish is a successful micro entrepreneur creating employment opportunities for the community and more importantly, she is a source of inspiration for many people, who wish to work their way out of poverty.

Parwish is one of the many female micro entrepreneurs who have built up their ventures with the help of loans from the microfinance industry. Parwish acknowledges the role of the loan support she got from Khushhali Microfinance Bank towards her success. Lack of capital is a major hindrance in the business progression of micro entrepreneurs, and a right decision to inject capital at the right time can transform the fate of a venture. Microfinance industry, on the whole, is actively working on the agenda to increase financial inclusion with the aim to support many more aspiring entrepreneurs.