Imran Khan’s first address to the nation as the Prime Minister (PM) of Islamic Republic of Pakistan is his road map to his vision of “Naya Pakistan”. The focus of Khan’s address was bringing reforms to the poor governance that is typical of all departments of the state machinery. Khan’s speech to the nation gives hope to the people of Pakistan despite the many challenges that the country is facing right now; the most pertinent is the looming economic crisis.

Imran Khan as the new PM of the country has enthralled the whole nation. People are romanticising every move that Imran makes. He jogs. People find motivation for adopting a healthy lifestyle. He gives speeches extempore. People express their jubilation that this time their PM does not read from a piece of paper. He has promised to make Pakistan a real welfare state. His decision of taking austerity measures is lauded widely. People are in awe of his promise of promoting simplicity in every walk of life. For people, Imran’s decision of not residing in PM House is a harbinger of a new era for Pakistan. His first address to the nation has brought him admiration even from some of his worst critics as well.

Whether these are mere gimmicks or not, his performance and that of the announced cabinet will tell. It is, however, true that for a very long time people have never seen anything like this. Khan’s address on Sunday was a vision that would transform Pakistan into a welfare state. Imran’s emphasis on serving the deprived and oppressed sections of the society has won many people’s hearts and minds.

Overall, Imran’s address was not just promises and a utopia. Imran, in his address, identified some of the most daunting challenges that the country is facing. The first part of his speech highlighted the economic problem and poor state of human development in the country. His vow to establish supremacy law has imbibed optimism in the downtrodden and those who are waiting for justice to be served.

Almost all the issues that Pakistan is struggling with are on Imran’s agenda as his speech has revealed. Imran has talked about the principles of good governance. He believes that if these principles are abided by, Pakistan will join the rank of developed and progressive nations.

Nevertheless, it is also true that what Khan dreams of achieving for Pakistan will be contingent upon an empowered and capable federal cabinet. The possibility of delivering on promises or failing the dream is equal. However, the credit goes to Imran Khan as his address has kindled hope.