Islamabad-The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has posted Ammad ud Din Muhammad, a BS-18 officer as Secretary of its Board after the death of Syed Muhammad Hassan Rizvi.

Two other officers of the CDA were also transferred on the same day. According to an ‘Office Order’ issued by the Human Resource Development directorate of the CDA on Monday, Deputy Director Emergency & Disaster Management Unit (BS-18) Ammad ud Din Muhammad has been given look-after charge of the Secretary CDA Board office in addition to his own duties. Nisha Ishtiaq (BS-18), director Coordination Council has been posted as Director-I HRD and Sheraz Sami Khan Deputy Director Coordination (BS-18) has been given the look after charge of the office of Director Coordination Council, in addition to his own duties.

Newly-appointed Secretary Board, Ammad ud Din Muhammad had previously also served as Deputy Director Enforcement directorate and played a major role in retrieving the state land from illegal occupation in the capital city. He faced the wrath of the then minister of state for CADD, Tariq Fazal Chaudhary in 2015 when he was suspended for launching an operation against Ghauri Town. Tariq Fazal Chaudhry was of the view that CDA started illegal operation in Ghauri Town to hide its own negligence and corruption.

He said that some CDA elements were conducting these illegal operations just to save their own skin and to hide their inefficiency and through these acts they were trying to defame the performance of the government as well. He said that there are 150 villages in Islamabad with a population of one million and these were established even before the creation of Pakistan. He said that CDA did not provide any municipal services to residents of Ghauri Town and questioned as to why the operation was being conducted against its residents. He also assured full cooperation to CDA in case the civic body regularizes Ghauri Town. Tariq Fazal said that the CDA official supervising the operation has been suspended from duties and emphasised that action should be taken against all those who are involved in ‘illegal’ activities.

On the other hand, the enforcement directorate of the CDA was of the view that the private housing scheme was illegal as it did not obtain permission from the Authority. They believed that operation was necessary to put things on the right track.