CDA conducts op against encroachments in Bari Imam

2018-08-20T22:48:03+05:00 OUR STAFF REPORT

Islamabad-The officials of the enforcement directorate of Capital Development Authority (CDA) on Monday carried out an anti-encroachment operation at Bari Imam. New illegal constructions in the vicinity of Bari Imam on the state land was reportedly in progress despite the fact that an operation was conducted earlier and massive illegal structures were demolished. The CDA officials believed that the fresh operation was needed in order to preserve the said state land from adverse possession. The CDA teams demolished four houses, six walls and two shops which were illegally constructed on the state land.

The team had to suspend the operation when the locals led by an official of Water Supply directorate of Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad, Syed Fida Hussain Shah pelted the team with stones. The protesters broke windows of the vehicles of the directorate and the Magistrate, according to the sources in the CDA.

They also chanted slogans against the CDA officials. They said that the officials have submitted their report to the Member Estate. The director enforcement had also sought assistance from the district administration and local police as it intended to undertake a forceful action.

Two reserves of police equipped with anti-riot kits/ATS personnel were asked to ensure their presence at the time of operation. A Magistrate from the district administration remained present on the occasion to give the operation a magisterial cover. Over 70 officials of the CDA participated in the operation.


They used heavy machinery to demolish the establishments. The CDA officials said that the operation would be completed after Eid and the MCI official who put up resistance and led the protesters would be taken to task.


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