I often hear the voice of a blind beggar in my street with beautiful words “AKHIA WALIO AKHIA BARI NAIMAT NAIN”, sure the eyes are the biggest blessing of Allah. 

Eye injury is one of the most common cause of blindness and it is highest in children. Worldwide 1.6 million people are affected with eye injury. Eye injury can be from a little scratch to the eye ball to the complete rupture of eye globe. 

It’s a wise saying “prevention is better than cure” but before going to prevent the eye injuries, we should know about the causes of eye injuries in different fields of life. The highest number of eye injuries is in children and most common cause of eye injuries in children are sharp objects like pen, pencil, needle, scissor, clip, scale, sharp corners of books and other causes like injury from tennis or cricket ball, toy gun plastic pallets, fire crackers and chemicals. 

Eye injury is mostly found during road traffic accidents, at home spillage of acid, bleach, detergents, toilet cleaners may cause eye injury. Among workers like plumbers, carpenters, electricians, workers grinding, welding, hammering may be affected with ocular injury. Farmers can encounter eye injury after instillation of pesticides, injury with sickle and injury with branches of trees and crops. 

Chemical injury acids and alkali, especially alkaline chemicals are most harmful for eye that includes daily use detergents and bleach. Motor vehicle battery accidently burst may cause chemical and thermal injury to the eye. 

During festivals and ceremonies eye injury may occur due to fire crackers, chemical colors and snow sprays. In War and terrorism situation bomb blast, bullets, plastic pellets firing and sharp objects may cause injury to the eye. 

Different precautionary measures can prevent the eye injury that is at home sharp objects should be kept away from the reach of childrens, special care while using any chemical at home or at work place. All chemicals should be kept away from the reach of children. Wear protective googles while hammer chisel work, grinding, welding, construction work, mechanical work, electrical work, white washing, using the paints, working in mines, agriculture fields and driving the motor cycle. Avoid using fire crackers at weddings and festivals. Toy guns with pellets should be banned. 

90% of eye injury can be prevented, minor precautionary measures can save from lifelong blindness. In case of any chemical eye injury, wash the eye with plenty of water and immediately visit the eye specialist. In case of any eye injury immediately consult the eye specialist because a little carelessness may end up in life long blindness. 

Protect your eyes, safe your eyes, love your eyes and donate your eyes. 



Lahore, August 19.