While delivering his ‘victory’ speech, Imran sounded sincere, resolute, empathetic and modest in his all encompassing address and looked an every inch a seasoned statesman. He touched upon almost all important facets of governance and his policies though briefly but admirably well. He particularly emphasised upon austerity and personally safeguarding the tax payers money. I know he would be flooded with the compliments and unsolicited advices and in the same vein I, too, want to chip in my two cents.

Sir, as you would shun living in the palatial PM House, cut down the Pomp & Show and VIP culture also. Leading from the front, please set the personal example by parting with the protocol accorded to the PM in Pakistan only and nowhere else in the world. That is, do away with:

1. Playing of the National Anthem for the PM before his address on the TV/Radio etc. and on other National occasions.

2. Flying of the Pakistan Flag on his car.

3. Military Secretary.

4. ADC.

5. The title of the ‘First Lady’ for the PM’s lady wife.

All over the world these are for the Head of the State only, that is; The President and NOT for the Head of the Government or the Chief Executive - The Prime Minister. It was ZAB who on stepping down from the Presidency to the Premiership of Pakistan brought all this protocol with him and ever since it is being followed by his successors. It wasn’t so before ZAB in Pakistan also as is it nowhere in the world – India, The UK, any of the European or Common Wealth countries et al.

Needless to say that it shall not only save the exchequer considerably but would set a precedence for the future PMs to follow also.


Rawalpindi, August 2.