Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday strong condemned the rocket attack in Kabul close to presidential palace during Eid prayers and urged all parties to respond to the Afghan government’s ceasefire offer.

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday strongly condemned the attack and said targeting innocent people on the joyous eve of Eid was even more reprehensible.

“We stand with the Afghan government and people in their efforts to eradicate terrorism,” the Prime Minister said, according to his Media Office.

The Prime Minister said such activities of cowardice were reflective of the defeated mindset of terrorists.

The Foreign Office strongly condemned the incident in which at least nine rockets hit near the diplomatic area of the Afghan capital where Afghan President Ashraf Ghani was delivering a speech to mark the beginning of Eid.

The attack comes as the Taliban rejected a ceasefire offer from the Afghan government on Monday, saying they would persist with their attacks. Earlier on Monday, Taliban fighters ambushed three buses carrying nearly 200 passengers travelling for Eid.