After almost one week of general election held on July 25, 2018, Election Commission of Pakistan has come out with a reaction to the unfair and uncalled for objections by political and religious parties and alliances that the polls so held were mismanaged and rigged. 

According to the reports in the media, the Election Commission has quite emphatically maintained that free and fair polls in a peaceful and orderly manner have been duly authenticated by local as well as foreign observers and all participating parties were provided level playing field. 

Though an All Parties Conference has been held in Islamabad and political and religious parties as well as alliances leadership are crying hoarse about the general election and rejecting its results emanating out of rigging, it is pertinent to mention here that while resorting to such allegations and accusations none of the so-called aggrieved party has so far lodged any formal complaint with the Election Commission from anywhere throughout the country as has also been pointed out in the clarification issued by the Election Commission. 

The former ruling party leadership has been calling for showing respect to the vote throughout the election campaign . Now that the voters have expressed themselves by going out to the polling stations in quite appreciable number by casting votes in favour of their chosen parties and their candidates, they are rejecting the verdict and refusing to respecting their vote and thus violating basic principles of democracy, irrespective of how fragile it is supposed to be . 

The so-called aggrieved parties should in all fairness avail the legal and constitutional process instead of raising undue hue and cry in the public over the election results and thus disrespecting the public mandate so given by the voters on the polls day. 


Lahore, August 1.