There was nothing new in the joint opposition’s multi-party conference (MPC). Maulana Fazalur Rehman, MPC’s convener and Jamiat Ulema Islami Fazal’s (JUI-F) chief, relied on his favourite and much-used words to criticise the government of Imran Khan. Since the day first, the opposition wants to topple the government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI). Maulana Fazal’s allegation against Imran Khan that he sold out Kashmir holds no water.

Maulana’s revelation that there is an international conspiracy against Pakistan to which Prime Minister (PM) of Pakistan is a party makes the opposition narrative flawed. There are indeed legitimate concerns over the government’s response to the Kashmir crisis. But alleging that Khan is part of an “international conspiracy” without any proof is not criticising the government for its weak stance on Kashmir. The fact that Fazal-ur-Rehman offers no evidence, or a claim that is remotely plausible, only serves to paint him – and the opposition by extension – as desperate agitators.

In these testing times when opposition should work together with the government to present a powerful stance on Kashmir, Maulana is using Kashmir issue for his wish to remove Imran Khan from PM House.

It is interesting to note that Maulana finds no issue with military’s conduct during this period. Moreover, he conveniently ignores the fact that the top military brass also attended Imran Khan’s meeting with the United States’ (US) President Donald Trump, where this supposed conspiracy was hatched. How come that the military leaders were then not part of this conspiracy? And was it not our military’s failure to sense that Imran was conspiring against Pakistan’s national interest? On closer inspection it becomes painfully obvious that the JUI-F chief has not thought his story through.

Unfortunately, Maulana’s conspiracy story is boring. And it does not make sense at all. This story of an international conspiracy against Kashmir with Imran Khan playing a lead role is a figment of Maulan’s imagination. If the JUI-F chief wants to be taken seriously in this country then he must evolve beyond the politics of the past decades, where accusing politicians of being stooges of America was a default position.

Nevertheless, this piece of advice is not just for Maulana. The rest of the opposition parties also need to evolve. Evolving from labelling others as stooges of America and part of international conspiracies is necessary for the continuation of democracy in the country.