Egalitarianism is a protean doctrine which states that all people in a society should have social equality and equal rights from birth. The constitution of Pakistan states that citizens should have equality in any source but there is no prevention for the protection of women and children. Hence, the government of Pakistan has failed to ensure due rights to its citizens despite the fact that the constitution of the country orders it to abide by.

A recent study unveils that the ratio of inequality in Pakistan is 68 percent. In 1956, Pakistan became a federal republic. It has been under military rule for long periods. Through this constitution, Pakistan was brought up with Islamic rules and regulations. But it upsets us that no such law is implemented.

Pakistan, an Islamic country, has expelled the due rights of a freeman whereas the Islamic traditions tell us that it has granted spiritual equality to the followers since its advent. Many people from all over the world adhere to the example set by Muslims.

To take an example, Hazrat Omar was a true leader of the Muslim world. After the demise of Hazrat Abu Bakr. Every Muslim wanted him to be the caliph of Islam but he denied. He was of the view that after becoming a leader, one has to dispense equality in society. He said,” I don’t want to be the caliph because even if a single goat dies on the bank of the river, Allah will hold me accountable on the Doomsday.”

Thus, the laws that are cited for the people in the constitution should be ensured. True is the fact, that not even a single nation flourishes if it ever stifles the rights of its citizens.