LAHORE - Lahore Arts Council (LAC) Board of Governors Chairman Muneeza Hashmi, along with Executive Director Athar Ali Khan, inaugurated Alhamra Reference Library, here on Tuesday. According to a spokesman, the work of automation of Alhamra Reference Library had been completed and now the library is house to almost 4,000 rare books on literature and culture in English, Urdu and 650 super hit drama scripts. The Library has rare audio/video tapes, gramophone, scripts and classical music collections. LAC Chairperson Muneeza Hashmi said on the occasion that Alhamra Reference Library would prove to be a centre of excellence for students working in entertainment industry. “Our students could enhance their research experiences by using the new research centre’s special collection in the form of audio cassettes, CDs, press clippings and VHS tapes of various famous festivals, ghazals and dramas.” 

LAC Executive Director Athar Ali said that Alhamra Reference Library’s team worked really hard to gather excellent collections of English and Urdu books, plays, press clippings, video, gramophone, script and audio cassettes, which will benefit the generations to come. He said that progress in the field of music, paintings, drama and other art forms was linked to such research centres having all present-day requirements. “The Alhamra Reference Library will prove to be an important reference in the field of literature and culture,” he dded.