OKARA -: A woman, mother of four daughters, was strangled by husband for not bearing a son here on Tuesday. According to police, Nasreen alias Allah Moafi of Hujra Shah Moqeem was married to Umar Machhi of the town. She bore four daughters, and her last daughter was just one month old. Yesterday, her husband dragged her inside a room where his father was also present. He strangled his wife with her shawl. The accused and his father escaped when people gathered in the house.


A girl died after consuming poison. A boy also drank poisonous chemical due to failure in love. It was reported that Rabi of Shahbore village was brought to hospital after she drank poisonous drug. She died despite struggle of doctors. Meanwhile, another boy Kashif of village 39/3R was brought to hospital. He had drunk poisonous chemical after failure in love. The doctors were trying their utmost to save his life.