LAHORE - Chief Minister Usman Buzdar on Tuesday said that elderly persons are our societal asset and the protection of their rights is a collective responsibility of the society. In his message, Usman Buzdar said looking after the elderly persons is a religious and moral obligation. He continued: “Senior citizens joy special rights in modern societies. Islam has also taught us about giving respect to the elder”, he added. He said that the PTI government has started a special programme for elderly citizens and the monthly allowance will be given to citizens of more than 65 years of age in the province. In this regard, ‘Bahimat Buzurg’ program is being started with an amount of Rs.3 billion. He said that the protection of rights and taking care of the elderly citizens is a part of government priorities and we should also reiterate this commitment that steps for the protection of rights of the elderly citizens will be continued. The purpose of celebrating this day is to educate the youth about the problems and needs of elderly persons. As a nation, we should also acknowledge the services of senior citizens rendered for the society and their families, he added.