ISLAMABAD             -        The Islamabad Marriott Hotel welcomes its oriental Chef Zhao Xiaoping, also known as Kevin in the culinary world. Famed for his contemporary yet innovative Chinese cuisine Kevin will delight guests with exquisite dishes served with a modern take through meticulously prepared dishes inspired by global presentation. Chef Kevin has a wealth of experience for over 15 years in various countries. Prior to joining the Islamabad Marriott Hotel he honed his skill at renowned hotels and restaurants including Meeru Resort & Spa Maldives and the Jiangsu Runao Garden Hotel China. Kevin regards cooking as an art, a source of energy and inspiration, and considers food a universal language. In an interview, the chef had to say about his journey in the culinary world: “As a kid, I simply loved food. Food was always a mood-enhancer. I grew up in the suburbs so there weren’t many restaurants. Since I had a strong desire to discover new flavors and tastes, I started cooking and hence, discovered my real passion.”