Islamabad            -      In its petition for tariff revision, Water and Power Development Authority has requested NEPRA for the increase of Rs 1.65 per unit in power tariff from the WAPDA hydel power stations to meet its revenue requirement of Rs177.518 billion for the fiscal year 2020-21.

As per the petition for the revision of Tariff for 2020-21 for Bulk Supply of Power from the WAPDA hydel power stations, submitted to National Electric Power Regulator Authority (NEPRA), WAPDA has requested an increase of Rs1.65 per unit in tariff from the current Rs5.67 to Rs 7.32 per unit, official sources told The Nation here Thursday.

In its petition, WAPDA has claimed total revenue requirement of Rs177.528 billion for the current fiscal which is Rs106.169 billion higher than the revenue requirement determined by NEPRA for the fiscal year 2017-18. The total claimed O&M cost for the current fiscal is Rs19.724 billion which is almost 25 per cent higher than the determined O&M cost of the NEPRA for FY2017-18. The determined O&M cost for 2017-18 was Rs14.092 billion. The claimed depreciation is Rs7.728 billion for 2020-21 which was Rs5.917 billion during 2017-18. For Ijara Rental (Sukuk Bonds Repayment) Rs1.690 billion were claimed which was Rs2.589 billion in the NEPRA’s determination of 2017-18

Similarly the return on investment for power stations claimed by WPADA is Rs37.163 billion against the NEPRA determined Rs28,176 billion for 2017-18. Return on investment for power project is claimed to be Rs32.085 billion against the NEPRA’s determined Rs 12.374 billion. In its petition WAPDA has claimed an estimated generation (Net GWH) of 30,140 GWh which is less than NEPRA determined 33598 GWh for the fiscal 2017-18. Similarly WAPDA has claimed that the total Regular Hydel Levies for 2020-21 is Rs36,599 billion which is higher than the NEPRA ‘s determined Rs32,894 Billion.

As per the petition, the proposed Regular Hydel Levies (NHP) of KP in 2020- 21 is Rs21.156 billion, while the Nepra determined NHP for the 2017-18 was Rs 21825 billion. The proposed Regular Hydel Levies (NHP) of Punjab in 2020- 21 is Rs 9.539 billion while the Nepra’s determined NHP was Rs 10.002 billion. For the AJK water use charges (WUC) WPADA has proposed Rs 5.753 billion for 2020-21 against the NEPRA determined Rs 899 million for 2017-18.  For 2020-21, the total proposed NHP arrears are Rs6.460 billion against the NEPRA determined arrears of Rs86.263 billion for 2017-18. As per the petition the total regular and arrears of NHP for 2020-21 are Rs43.058 billion while NEPRA has determined Rs119.157 billion for 2017-18. NEPRA will hold hearing on the matter and has requested the stakeholders to file their intervention till the end of next week.