LAHORE Contrary to tall claims of no gas loadshedding for homes, the SNGPL is continuously hitting over one million domestic consumers of the city, The Nation has learnt. Since the start of the winter season, the gas is either available with low pressure or sometimes totally suspended to homes in almost all the areas of the provincial metropolis for unobvious reasons. Adding to this, the company on Monday announced a sudden schedule of gas curtailment to CNG stations of Lahore region. The gas will not be available at CNG station from 8am to 8pm daily according to fresh announcement. The CNG Association termed the announcement a bombshell and warned the company and the government to take back the decision immediately. 'We will stage sit in, protest demonstration, observe strike and go to court if the gas curtailment continue, said the CNG Association Chairman Ghayas Pracha and Senior Vice-chairman Shuja Anwar while talking to TheNation. Pracha said that the Prime Minister at a meeting assured them that the SNGPL would follow the ECCs decision regarding gas holidays. However, a few hours after the PM declaration, he listened the fresh announcement, he added. 'It means, the gas will only available for maximum 50 hours at CNG stations of Lahore region as we already exercising two-day holidays in a week, Shuja said. Millions vehicles are running at CNG, people invested billions of rupees on CNG stations, hundred of thousands of families bread and butter depend on this sector but now they want to bulldoze all this, the association representatives maintained. Meanwhile, following the loadshedding for industries and CNG stations, the SNGPL started loadshedding for its domestic consumers. Residents of Thokar Niaz Beg, Hanjarwal, Iqbal Town, Canal View, Walled City, Shahdra, Kot Lakhpat Boistan Colony, Gowala Colony, New Jail Road, Chungi Amar Sidhu, Garhi Shahu, Nishtar Colony, Awan Town, Madina Colony Walton, Green Town, Town Ship and other areas expressed their grievances and lodged complains to the company regarding gas loadshedding and limited supply to their areas, the source at company told. People have no other option, but to use LPG or woods for cooking their daily meals. The SNGPLs spokesman Babir Meer said that the company authorised the regional manager of the areas for gas curtailment to industry and CNG station to meet the demand of domestic users. He, however claimed that there was no loadshedding for domestic users in the companys limit.