Villages in Sindh are generally without basic amenities. This is despite 63 years have passed we got independence. Majority of people are living in rural areas. They deserve basic amenities on priority basis but sorry to say every government has failed to do so despite big claims. A brief account of one of such villages, is given below. The village Maroof Bhhanbhhro, Taluka Hala, district Matyari in Sindh is about 200 years old. Here the number of houses is about 800 whereas total population is 6,000 but it is still deprived of basic amenities like gas, telephone, drainage, dispensary and other such facilities. Here the primary school for boys has no building of its own. Nevertheless, the said school is being run in the Community Model Primary Girls School building where three rooms for boys and three for girls are reserved. The villagers are ready to provide a plot free of cost in case the Sindh government is willing to approve the school building for boys separately. The girls and boys after completing their primary education in the village school go to Hala for further education that is five kilometers away but getting admissions in Hala schools is no easy job. Therefore, many students are compelled to abandon their education before completion for not affording the extra expenses. Consequently, the number of unemployed people has tremendously increased in the area resulting in a variety of social problems. The village is in jurisdiction of Union Council Karam Khan Nizamani (15 miles away) but during the two tenures of the local bodies, no development work was carried out in the village at all. In the absence of dispensary, the patients are taken to Hala. The government may build a dispensary here for the convenience of the residents of area. Nevertheless, the villagers are ready to extend all cooperation in this regard. However, there is no concept of cleanliness and all streets are filled with heaps of garbage creating many diseases. The concerned departments in Sindh government should provide basic amenities to the residents of this village and surrounding areas like construction of separate buildings for primary school for boys, dispensaries and maternity homes with necessary medical facilities, a drainage system, natural gas, telephone facility and up grading the primary school to high school if not, to middle level initially. If any NGO comes forward to help, the locals are ready to welcome it. The Sindh government should urgently come to the rescue of these hapless people. MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL, Karachi, December 20.