WORKPLACE diversity refers to the variety of differences between the people who make up or build an organisation. In Pakistan there are many such organisations that support workplace diversity. These organisations believe that People with diverse backgrounds bring distinctive ideas and experiences to the company. These people bring a variety of solutions to problems occurring in the organizations. The future success of any organisation relies on the ability to manage a diverse body of talent that brings innovative ideas, perspectives and views to their work. Blend of people having diversified cultural backgrounds, genders, ages and lifestyles brings new ideas which help an organisation to attain its goals swiftly and in a creative manner. This is particularly true for multinational companies that are working in Pakistan and worldwide and had people of different countries with varying ethical and cultural backgrounds. Companies that are supporting workplace diversity in Pakistan influence all of their employees to carry out their duties in an efficient manner. Practicing different strategies that support workplace diversity results in higher productivity and profits. Organisational success and competitiveness depends on the ability to manage diversity in the workplace efficiently. A diverse collection of aptitudes and experiences (e.g. languages, cultural understanding) enables a company to provide service to customers at a global level. Employees from diversified background brings individual skills, talents and experiences in implying ideas that are flexible in adapting to changing markets and customer demands and requirements. In contrast if the organisation does not encourage diversified environment, then as a result productivity will be low and unfortunately the company would not achieve its target mission. Therefore in Pakistan FIR managers are assigned with the goal of providing programs and establishing reforms within the organisation in order to maximize the benefits that can be extracted from workplace diversity. It also increases the competitiveness of an organization in the corporate world. (The writer is a student of University of Central Punjab)