LAHORE The PML-N Balochistan chief organiser Monday said the targeted killings, kidnappings for ransom and other incidents of lawlessness in the countrys most backward province were a reaction against the assassination of senior leader Akbar Bugti. He also warned that the situation could lead even to the secession of Balochistan and ultimately the disintegration of Pakistan in case urgent steps were not taken to satisfy the enraged younger generation. Octogenarian Khuda-i-Noor, who has been in politics for the past four decades, said at a question-answer session at Nawa-i-Waqt Forum that the situation would not normalise unless the government held talks with Brahamdakh Bugti, the grandson of the late Bugti, who is now hiding in Afghanistan, and withdrew all cases against him. He made it clear that Talal Bugti was in a position to help restore peace in the troubled province because it was Brahamdakh, who was nominated by the assassinated leader as his successor, adding that the late Jamhoori Watan Party chief could not make a formal announcement because the situation gave him no time for the purpose. Answering a question, Khuda-i-Noor said Mian Nawaz Sharif could help the government initiate talks with the budding leader in Afghanistan. But the PML-N chief could only bring the two sides to the negotiating table, and withdrawal of cases was the prerogative of the government, he added. Khuda-i-Noor has been with the PML-N for the past eight years. Before that, he remained secretary-general of the Jamhoori Watan Party for 10 years. And he also worked with Air Marshal Asghar Khans Tehrik-i-Istiaqlal for 24 long years. Answering a question, he said at present Balochistan was burning, but regrettably Punjab was not paying the role of the elder brother. He said people wanted former dictator Pervez Musharraf tried on the charge of killing the Baloch leader. However, since the government had failed to realise the gravity of the situation, the organisations like the Balochistan Liberation Army, Balochistan Liberation and Unity Front had been formed. These outfits, he said, were carrying out killings and other activities. In his opinion, the grandson of the late Bugti would have been killed if he had not fled to Afghanistan. He said the situation in Balochistan was more serious than the one that had led to the emergence of Bangladesh. In case Balochistan seceded, Pakistan would cease to be on the global map, he warned. Another PML-N leader Agha Faisal said the situation in Quetta today was just like the one that prevailed in Kabul and Kandahar, which had no link with the rest of Afghanistan. He said more than 90 per cent people of Balochistan were in favour of the countrys unity. However, the designs of the remaining 10 per cent could be frustrated only by giving the people their due rights. He said Quetta was heading towards drought and during the next few years it would not have enough drinking water. Exports were dwindling and the economy was receiving a serious blow. Agha Faisal said smuggled vehicles were in abundance in Quetta and if the government regularised them by charging a fixed amount of tax, it would be good to solve the transportation problem in various parts of the country. A nine-member PML-N team from Balochistan, led by Khuda-i-Noor is due to call on Mian Nawaz Sharif here on Tuesday (today). Partys organisational matters will come under discussion.