Like the same whimsical theme of do more that Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mike Mullen and other top leaders of the Obama Administration keep on harping, Vice President Joe Biden on Sunday warned that Al-Qaeda was planning to bring down Pakistan, hence impliedly urging us to start military operation in North Waziristan. Mr Biden went on to observe that where Al-Qaedas network in Afghanistan has been broken to a large extent, the task of weeding out its sanctuaries in Pakistan could not be carried out successfully. This is the known US tactic of making us a scapegoat for its own failings. The tenor of guilt marking his words that the troop pullout process starting in 2011 would conclude in 2014 come hell or high water was noticeable. After nine long years, if the mission for which the US invaded Afghanistan: dismantling the Al-Qaeda remains unaccomplished then who is to be blamed? Such statements are also a part and parcel of Washingtons subtle move to try to take our focus away from the threat posed by India that constitutes the real danger to our stability. Our security forces already possess enough evidence to prove that it is involved in fostering criminal violence in Pakistan. Islamabad must realise that as their time of withdrawal nears, the Americans are dramatically raising the ante in an attempt to defame us as the bad guys who scuttled the prospect of victory in the fight against militancy. Indeed, where the Pakistani military has taken firm measures in driving out the miscreants in the tribal areas, things have simply gone haywire in Afghanistan. Except for a few strongholds like the Bagram air base, and the Presidential Palace in Kabul, the indigenous guerrilla fighters are back in action exacting their revenge on the occupying forces. No matter what Pakistan might do, the US will not be satisfied and will continue to push us on to a self destructive path. Is it not better then to boldly defy the US diktat that is constantly making a travesty of our sovereignty?