LAHORE - Street crimes have increased up to the alarming level in the evening at Shahrah-e-Fatima Jinnah, the most sensitive area where various government installations and the offices of ISI, CCPO, SP and Emergency Police 15 are situated. The shocking rise in crimes has been observed at Shahrah-e-Fatima Jinnah and its adjoining arteries including Hameed Nizami Road, Lawrence Road, Mozang Road, Lytton Road and others. According to credible sources in Civil Lines Police Division, at least 150 people were robbed and deprived of their cell phones and wallets in these areas including two journalists namely Sajid Zia and Maulvi Fida Hussian during the month of December. According to reported crimes, a large number of citizens were deprived of their valuables, mobile phones, wallets, and other official documents in the aforesaid areas. Police sources also endorsed the ongoing critical situation and further informed that the most of the incidents of street crimes were being taken place at a few points, which include the area near Nimra Mosque located at Mozang Road, Jinnah Garden Gate at Lawrence Road, the gate of Fatima Medical College at Shahrah-e-Fatima Jinnah Road, Lawrence Chowk near CCPO office, a juice corner near FIA building, Mozang Chowk near Lytton Road police station and other areas. The victims revealed that as per modus operandi, the gangs mostly comprised of youths used to intercept them between 6 to 9 pm, the time when heavy police contingents are always deputed at various police pickets and chowks to guard the citizens. "They intercepted me on gunpoint at Lawrence Chowk in Civil Line police precincts few days back but no gesture of fear of police could be observed on their faces. They demanded cash, cell phone and other valuables, which I calmly handed them over," Fida Hussain said. Insiders claimed about 1,000 policemen/policewomen have been discharging their duties in CCPO Office, Mozang, Civil Lines, Race Course, Women Race Course and Lytton Road police stations. They also said about half of the aforesaid policemen were guarding the elite class and senior police officers instead performing their routine duties. However, some of the victims alleged that the police personnel were directly or indirectly involved in such crime bids otherwise this was quite impossible for the culprits to commit dacoities without any fear of police and law enforcement agencies. Talking to this scribe, Civil Lines Operations Superintendent of Police Umar Saeed told a notorious gang, involved in street crimes, has been arrested on December 15. "The members of this gang have confessed their involvement in crime bids including dacoities, robberies, murder and street crimes," he added. He, however, believed the street crimes were decreased in these areas.