ISLAMABAD - Following the breakaway of Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam (F) from the ruling coalition the government and growing opposition of Revised General Sales Tax (RGST) from all directions government is unlikely to put this controversial bill before the National Assembly for approval during the current session. Sources informed TheNation that keeping in view the difficult position in the National Assembly government has decided to defer the matter of getting the RGST passed from the Lower House for the time being and would likely seek extension from IMF for which the letter would be written to the world monetary body by the end of this month. Sources further informed that Pakistan People's Party was making frantic efforts to woo support for this controversial piece of legislation from the Parliamentarians both belonging to treasury and opposition benches but so far no significant breakthrough was made. Sources in Pakistan People's Party informed that President Asif Ali Zardari in his meeting with MQM on Monday afternoon also took up the RGST issue besides listening to the concerns of MQM regarding the mistreatment to them by the Sindh Government. Sources further said that so far MQM was also not ready to extend support to the government in getting RGST through from the Parliament while JUI-F had already parted ways with them and in the absence of both these parties the ruling coalition was short of required numerical strength. Keeping all these things in mind Pakistan People's Party leadership has decided to defer the matter till the time they would convince the people in the National Assembly to support RGST. That is the reason government is going to write to IMF for extension in getting it through from the Parliament and most likely the matter would be deferred till March next year, a source close to Prime Minister informed. It is pertinent to mention here that during the Pakistan Development Forum meeting in Federal Capital a couple of months back the Government of Pakistan had given assurance to the donors that they would levy RGST and would get it passed from the Parliament to ensure regular issuance of IMF loan tranche.