LAHORE - Campaign for the president slot of Lahore Bar Association (LBA) is going on between two strong candidates namely Abdul Latif Hanjra and Sheikh Shahzad Hassan as both are enjoying the support of big lawyers groups for winning the coming election, TheNation has learnt here. According to lawyers, Hanjra is enjoying the support of Hamid Khan group, which is a strong group in the legal fraternity and on the other hand Sheikh Shahzad Hassan is enjoying the support of anti-Hamid Khan groups. According to the claims of lawyers, Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) president Asma Jahangir may also support Sheikh Shahzad Hassan for the president slot. Hanjra is enjoying the support of more than 30 big lawyers groups including Bright Vision, Elevator, Legal Links, Hello Group, Lehar Lawyers Group, Friends Lawyers, Christian Lawyers Group, Fikar-e-Jinnah Group, Raiwind Lawyers, Lion Lawyers Group, Wisdom Lawyers, Jamhoori Watan Group, Hum Awam Lawyers, Lawmen Association, Progressive Group, Company Lawyers, National Lawyers Group and others. When contacted SCBA president Asma Jahangir to know her comment whether she was supporting Sheikh Shahzad Hassan openly or not, she did not attend her cell phone in this regard. It is pertinent to mention here that according to lawyers claims, third candidate Ziaud Din Insari for LBA president slot is also enjoying the support of a strong group of Islamic Lawyers. Lawyers said that it would be unwise to say anyone of the two contestants because individual efforts and loyalties from all the groups may affect the coming LBA election to be held on January 15, 2011. For Model Town vice president seat, two strong candidates namely Riaz Bhatti and Mian Hafeez are contesting. The lawyers also said that LBA election is being focused intensively by all big groups because LBA election could influence the coming Lahore High Court Bar elections contest. According to some lawyers claims, Riaz Bhatti is a strong candidate for the vice president seat of Model Town, as he is also enjoying the support of Nosherwan, current vice president on Model Town seat. Riaz is also enjoying the support of Legal Links Group, Farid Lawyers Group, Elevator, Power Group, Raiwind Lawyers Group, M Nawaz Qureshi Group, Kasur Lawyers Group and more than 70 other groups. On the other hand, Mian Hafeez is also enjoying support of more than 70 groups of lawyers, some lawyers claimed. Election Board for Lahore Bar 2010-11 on Monday announced the schedule for polls to be held on January 15. As per schedule announced by Chairman Election Commission Sardar Mashkor Hussain, contestants will submit their nomination papers from December 27 to 29. Scrutiny of the candidates papers will be held on December 30, 2010 and the preliminary list of the candidates would be displayed on January 1, 2011. The candidates could also withdraw their nomination papers till January 5, 2011. The final list of the candidates will be issued on January 6. Senior advocates Aijaz Ahmed Khan and Zahid Aziz Buhtta will be the members of the election board.