KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) - Twenty-eight people, mostly Thai tourists, were killed Monday when their double-decker bus crashed after a trip to the Cameron Highlands in Malaysias worst-ever coach accident. Police said the Thai holidaymakers were travelling along a winding road to the capital Kuala Lumpur for a flight home when their driver lost control of the vehicle, which crashed into a road divider and overturned into a ditch. The latest we have is that 28 people have now died in the accident, with three of them Malaysians, namely the driver, co-driver and tour guide and the rest being Thai tourists, said Zakaria Yusof, acting state police chief. Nine other people, all Thai tourists, were wounded in the accident and are now being treated in nearby hospitals, police said. Images of the accident showed the bus lying crumpled and on its roof, at the bottom of a rocky slope. Nearby the rows of victims bodies were covered with black plastic sheeting. The injured were evacuated from the scene on stretchers by emergency workers dressed in fatigues.