ISLAMABAD - Even though the formation of PML-N has jolted the political arena of AJK and political pundits anticipate overwhelming public support for PML-N, the mystery still shrouds the prolonged delay in the partys creation in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The formal launch of the PML-N AJK chapter that was scheduled in August this year saw a prolonged delay of more than four months. The top leadership of PML-N AJK contends that this delay entails nothing unusual and the plan of PML-N formation in AJK had been temporarily held in abeyance because the party leaders wanted to ensure that PML-N consolidated maximum support of political circles as well as general public before its formal launch. Raja Farooq Haider, Sardar Sikander Hayat and Shah Ghulam Qadir had repeatedly upheld the aforementioned stance during conversations with this scribe on different occasions, dispelling the impression that other factors also contributed in this regard. However, informed sources argue that Pakistans establishment, one of the major powerbroker in AJKs political and administrative setup, had reservations about the PML-Ns formation in AJK. The sources argue that till recently, Pakistans establishment conceived that PML-Ns entry into AJK political setup could adversely affect indigenous yet unprecedented freedom uprising in Indian Kashmir. The sources believe that back in August this year, the reports of PML-Ns formation in AJK had sparked tension between PPP-backed AJK Government and the top PML-N leadership. The AJK Government was mulling over the steps like co-opting the reserved seats with the 12 refugees seats of AJK Legislative Assembly specified in Pakistan and announcing earlier elections to minimise PML-Ns vote bank. The PML-N AJK leaders had adopted an aggressive stance towards these anticipated moves and had warned of agitation and unrest. Given that the majority of AJK leaders have longstanding family bonds, linkages and political following in Indian Kashmir, the establishment reportedly believed that the politics of agitation in AJK could prove detrimental to Kashmir cause in the wake of unstoppable freedom wave that gushed through entire Occupied Valley since June 11 this year. The 'hidden hands had given in to PML-Ns existence in AJK only after the general elections schedule was finalised, the political picture became clear and the tension between two arch foes defused. The plan regarding the formation of PML-N was finalised in July this year following the resignation of the then prime minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider ahead of a no-confidence move followed by the ouster of former speaker AJK LA, Shah Ghulam Qadir through a no-confidence motion. Both the leaders parted ways with Azad Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference and announced to join PML-N. The story regarding the no-confidence move against Shah Ghulam Qadir and the political debacle of Muslim Conference was first broken by this newspaper on July 30, this year. PML-Ns chief Nawaz Sharif had announced his partys AJK chapter launch on last Saturday.